Richard Alford, Ph.D., BCN

Rick editRichard Alford, Ph.D., BCN has over 35 years of experience in providing psychological and neuropsychological services to school age children through older adults. Dr. Alford’s practice style makes use of a comprehensive approach, and with children collaboration with family, school, and other professionals. He is experienced in treating mood and anxiety disorders, posttraumatic stress, behavior problems, ADHD, Asperger’s, autistic spectrum, as well as other developmental disorders, and traumatic brain injury (TBI) disorders. Dr. Alford demonstrates expert skill and knowledge in providing comprehensive evaluations for a variety of situations using psychological, neuropsychological and qEEG data. He has experience in the use of a variety of neurofeedback techniques, as well as other neurotherapies that are grounded in his neuropsychology background.

Dr. Alford received his doctorate in psychology from Loyola University of Chicago and completed his clinical internship at Hines Veteran’s Hospital in Maywood, Illinois. Dr. Alford also has gained experience from working at a number of psychiatric hospitals, coordinating the psychology services for a large psychiatric hospital, as well as many years with busy outpatient practice environments. He has post-doctoral certification and experience in neuropsychology, neurofeedback, and various neuro and cognitive therapies. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, Illinois Psychological Association, Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and the International Society for Neuronal Research.

“My practice is based on understanding each patient individually in order to provide a tailored treatment approach. I have extensive experience in appraising symptoms and understanding how they impact the life of each individual, as well as how these symptoms interact systemically. My aim is to work together, cooperatively with patients and other treating clinicians in making treatment decisions and working towards more fulfilling functioning in living life.”

“In addition, I make every attempt to be responsive to patient’s needs in a fully professional manner. That includes returning calls in a timely manner, the sooner the better, and most certainly the same day. I also make it a practice to respond to any emergencies immediately. The practices I work with make every effort to be flexible in order to schedule patients in the most convenient and timely manner. This is certainly the case with a new patient needs to be scheduled soon.’

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