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Soft Reopening Planned for June 1

During this pandemic, we have felt fortunate to be able to offer all of our clients telehealth services. Now as our country begins to reopen slowly and cautiously, we want you to know that we will begin to see some of our patients in person at our offices in Aurora and Oswego beginning June 1. […]

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How to Talk to Your Child About Coronavirus

As a parent, you may have read that it is important to talk to your child or teen about the Coronavirus. This may feel scary or overwhelming and you may be worried that you won’t know what to say or how to say it. It is normal to feel this way. Hopefully this article will […]

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Announcing the Grand Opening of…………..

 “The Well” !!!!! We are very excited to announce that on Jan 1, 2019 Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services will open its new 1500 sq ft Exercise and Yoga Treatment Center (The Well), where patients can go to:            “Get well and Stay well”     It is no secret to those of us […]

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Addiction: How much is too Much?

Have you ever thought, “Is it ok to drink alone?” How about, “I don’t have a problem, I only drink socially.” Or maybe you’ve considered, “I think my husband drinks too much.” Many people wonder how much is too much regarding drinking, drugs, and other habit forming behaviors like gambling. There is not a magic […]

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Mind Full or Mindful?

Art: Henck van Bilsen Which would you prefer to experience? Remember the magical feeling of being a child on a merry-go-around at your neighborhood park?!?  Imagine it.  What does your body feel like?  Your feet are planted firmly on the metal floor.  You’re balancing your feet as best you can between the raised, embossed circles […]

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Fitbit Winner!!!

Suzanne Paprocki All of us here at Waterford Counseling want to congratulate Suzanne Paprocki for winning the Fitbit in our “Seven things you can do right now to stop depression in its tracks!” campaign to make people more aware of lifestyle changes that can positively impact mood, depression recovery, and depression prevention. Congratulations Mrs. Paprocki!!!

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Harnessing Neuroplasticity in Psychotherapy

Throughout the many years I have had the opportunity to practice psychology and neuropsychology, I have found interesting grains of truth in saying some of us may be quite familiar with. To start with one, there is the expression, “Experience is the teacher.”  As it appears to turn out, in a very deep sense, there […]

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