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Girl Power

This group is for teens ages 13 to 17. This teen group will not only be very educational, but also very interactive. It is designed to be very fun for all who attend. This  teen group will last for 6 weeks and address the following topics:

  1. Building self-esteem,
  2. Developing a positive self-image,
  3. Health and wellness,
  4. Stress management for kids,
  5. Handling peer pressure
  6. Making and keeping friends.

Group LeaderMelissa Joseph, LCSW.
Day and Time:

Social Skills Group

This group is for teens ages 13 to 17. This teen group is designed for teens that have delays in social functioning, or require additional guidance with social skills. The goal of this  teen group is to help teens develop and polish basic social/emotional skills and to further develop independent functioning skills. This group includes practicing/modeling, group activities, self-assessments, exercises to utilize outside of group, and discussions. In this group, teens will build self-confidence by learning to manage stress with new skills. Social Skills Group is designed to help teens learn the following skills:

  1. Beginning and advanced social skills
  2. Skills for dealing with emotions
  3. Assertiveness skills as alternatives to aggression
  4. Skills for dealing with stress
  5. Planning/Independent functioning skills

Group Leader: Brandie Remke, MSW
Day and time:

Before your teen begins attending group sessions, you will have an opportunity to meet with the group leader in order to discuss relevant medical, social, emotional, and academic history regarding your child. You will also be able to discuss any concerns or ask questions that you may have about your teen’s participation in this group.

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