Are you satisfied with your care?

We are very interested in finding ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services here at Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services. We would greatly appreciate your help in making these improvements by taking just a few minutes to complete this brief survey. And when I say brief, I really do mean brief…just 14 quick questions!

Thank you in advance for your very valued assistance!

Please take a moment to complete our brief satisfaction survey.

1. Which practitioner did you see at Waterford?

2. How prepared this practitioner was for your visits

3. Attention this practitioner paid to what you had to say

4. Thoroughness and competence of this practitioner

5. Time management of practitioner - started and finished on time

6. The location and comfort of the office environment

7. Friendliness and helpfulness of staff whom you encountered

8. This practitioner treated me with courtesy, dignity and respect.

9. This practitioner helped me achieve my treatment goals.

10. Thinking back to my initial phone call with Waterford (before being matched with a practitioner), the person I talked to was friendly and helpful.

11. The person I talked to in my initial phone call matched me with a practitioner who was right for my needs and preferences.

12. All things considered, how satisfied are you with the counseling or treatment you received at Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services?

13. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being most likely, how likely would you be to recommend this practitioner to a friend or family member?

14. Please use the space below to share any comments or concerns you might have about your therapist or the Waterford Practice in general. Also, feel free to provide a positive testimonial that you would like to share about your therapist. Your kind words are very much appreciated!

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