Teen Depression

Do You Want to Free Your Teen From Depression?

Are you worried about your teenager? Have you noticed him or her:

  • Isolating him/herself from friends? From you?
  • Doing poorly in school?
  • Struggling to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Struggling to concentrate and engage?
  • Acting sad and withdrawn?
  • Reacting aggressively to small things?
  • Sneaking cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol?

You might be unsure whether or not these are typical teen behaviors or symptoms of a more serious problem. You may have tried everything to encourage your teen to open up and engage, yet nothing seems to get through. You may feel helpless and unsure of how to help your child. And, perhaps your teen refuses to speak to you about his/her inner life. How can you know what is going on? Are you failing your child?

Your child may be suffering from teen depression. Many adolescents struggle with depression as they navigate the difficulties of school, friendships, relationships, and growing up. They may find it difficult to concentrate, leading to poor grades, strained relationships, and a consuming feeling of worthlessness. Stuck in a cycle of sadness, they might feel utterly alone. But they aren’t. And you aren’t either. You can help your teen escape this cycle.

You Can Help Your Child Break the Cycle of Teen Depression

Teen depression is an incredibly common issue. Of course, many teens avoid sharing their emotions with their parents, even if they are struggling with depression. This is not your fault.

Many depressed teens feel that their parents couldn’t possibly understand them. Others feel as though their low feelings must be a normal part of adolescence, not worth attention. Or they fear that their disinterest in the world is so abnormal that they are ashamed to ask for help. If you have noticed worrisome behaviors in your teen and feel helpless as a parent, it may be time to seek outside help.

The qualified therapists at Waterford Counseling Services understand teen depression. We offer a safe space for your child to speak freely and openly about their emotions. Through talk therapy and focused conversations, trained specialists work with teens to get to the root of the issues troubling them.

At Waterford, teenagers are empowered with the tools they need to manage their emotions and to discuss their feelings with parents like you. Treatment offers your child renewed confidence and enthusiasm for life.

How Long Will This Take? Will My Teen Be in Therapy Forever?

As concerned parents you believe that your child’s emotional health is important. Therapists here at Waterford share your conviction. Together with you and your teen we establish healthy goals for improvement. Our main priority is your child’s progress and well-being. Most teens suffering from depression improve dramatically in the first twelve sessions of talk therapy. If your teen receives treatment soon, they don’t need to struggle with depression for life.

What If Talk Therapy Doesn’t Work?

If talk therapy really does not seem to be helping your child, your therapist may talk with you about having your child see a medical doctor for a medication evaluation. However, at Waterford, medication is the last resort. Most teens do improve after a few months of talk therapy. If patients need to take medication, studies show that patients are less likely to relapse into depression with a combination of medication and talk therapy than with medication alone. In most cases, talk therapy works. As parents you will be involved in every important treatment decision. The most important thing is that your child get better.

Isn’t My Teen Just Lazy? Won’t He/She Buck Up on His/Her Own?

If your child is suffering from teen depression, the opposite is true. The more you delay treatment, the more severe your child’s depression may become. Remember, your teenager feels helpless and alone, stuck in a cycle of low self-esteem and isolation. He/She wants to fit in, wants to succeed, wants to feel happy, but can’t do it alone.  No one gets better suffering more or longer.

I’m Afraid Therapy Will Be Too Expensive

Most treatment is covered, at least in part, by your insurance plan. You can call you insurance provider and inquire about your outpatient mental health benefits. If you need assistance with this, out office personnel would be glad to assist you. Investing in your child’s emotional health is one of the best investments parents make in life.

I Want My Teen To Get Better, But Won’t Therapy Exclude Me?

Waterford therapists want your teen to feel safe and secure, confident in the ability to share without the worry of judgment or censorship. Teens open up and talk freely and honestly when they know that what they say is confidential. Waterford counselors respects the  confidentiality of teens, and at the same time encourages teens to talk with their parents. If an issue arises that a parent should know about, your teen’s therapist will work to empower your teen to talk to you. Waterford therapists want to nurture your relationship with your child.

And, of course, by taking the step to help your child through therapy, you have already shown him/her love, trust, and hope. You have shown how much you care about his/her emotional well-being. As your teen gets better, so will your relationship.

I Think My Teen Needs Help, But What if He or She Refuses Therapy?

It is common for teens not to want to go to therapy just like most complain about getting a flu shot. As parents you want to do all you can to guarantee that your children are healthy and happy. Many teens suffering from depression may resist the idea of therapy. They might think that therapy will make them weird and ostracized. They may also think that they are beyond help. But you must reassure them that they are not beyond help. Therapy will, in fact, help your teen learn the tools to reconnect with the world, with his/her peers, and with his/her parents. It may pinch at first, but therapy ultimately brings health.

If Your Child is Suffering From Teen Depression, Seek Help, Don’t Wait

You and your teenager needn’t feel alone and discouraged any longer. Look again at the questions above. If you find yourself answering yes and yes and yes, Waterford Counseling’s team of professional therapists can help you and your child break out of the damaging cycles of teen depression. Talk to your teenager about the benefits of therapy. Then talk to us.

Call Waterford Counseling Services at 630-898-5322 for a brief phone consultation.


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