Teen School Issues

Do You Want to Help Your Teen Succeed in School?

Are you worried about your teen’s performance in school? Is he or she:

  • Receiving poor grades?
  • Acting out in class so often that teachers or principals have contacted you?
  • Unwilling to discuss school with you?
  • Acting sullen or sad when school is brought up?
  • Struggling with homework?
  • Negative about the future (college, careers)?

If you have noticed these or other teen school issues, you may wonder what is going on. Is your teen just unmotivated? You may worry that you have not done enough to motivate him or her. You may have found yourself fighting with your teen, trying your hardest to encourage him or her to do homework. Despite all of your effort, you and your child may be caught in a cycle of mutual unhappiness and frustration.

Or you may fear that your teen suffers from depression or an undiagnosed learning disability. What can you do to help your child succeed in school? What can you do to help your teen achieve his or her best future?

You Can Help Your Child Work Through Teen School Issues

Many teenagers struggle at some point during their academic careers. They may have simply lost their motivation for schoolwork, preferring social time with friends over studying. Or they may be depressed, struggling to find purpose in their day-to-day lives. Some, especially younger teens, might also suffer from an undiagnosed learning disability like ADHD.

Teen school issues can affect your child’s grades, college options, and, eventually, career options. Your teen may not be able to see how a few low grades could alter the course of his or her life, or he or she may not care. Because of your experience, you can anticipate the long-term consequences. And, more importantly, because you care deeply about his or her future, with the help of Waterford Counseling Services, you can help.

Put an End to the School Worries – And the Family Fights

The specialized therapists at Waterford Counseling Services can help you and your child find the root causes of your teen’s academic problems and fix them. The solution to teen school issues comes first from a good assessment of your child. Then, once the issue is discovered, Waterford Counseling Services equips you and your teen with tools to discuss problems respectfully. You will learn how to motivate your teen without lecturing or yelling, leading to better family relationships, fewer fights, and better school performance.

If we discover that your teen suffers from depression or a learning disability, our qualified staff will work closely with your child to address this. No matter what is causing your teen’s school issues, Waterford therapists can help unlock his or her full potential.

Does Therapy Really Work for Teen School Issues?

Therapy will help your child identify and understand what is preventing him or her from performing to his or her full academic potential. In the safe, respectful space of our offices, your teen will learn how to discuss his or her struggles. Time and time again, therapy has proven to be a key to confidence, communication, emotional well-being, and better family relationships. Bringing your teen to therapy will also help you demonstrate how important their school performance is to you. Soon, you will see the results in your teen’s attitude and report card.

If My Teen Is Already Struggling in School, How Will He/She Have Time for Therapy?

Where we spend our time reflects our priorities. The time you and your teen invest in therapy will have enormous short-term benefits, but the long-term benefits are even more positive. With help, your teen will learn how to work hard and open doors for academic and career opportunities. At Waterford Counseling Services, you invest in your child’s current and future well-being and accomplishments along with your family’s relationships.

Therapy is so effective that you will begin to see results in your child’s school performance after several sessions. Teen school issues do not dissolve on their own. With dedication and an investment of time, your teen will learn to adopt and keep good habits that will stay with him or her for life.

I’m Afraid Therapy Will Be Too Expensive

Therapy is an investment in the long-term health of your child. Benefits can last a lifetime, setting your child on a road to greater happiness and emotional security. Furthermore, most treatment is generally covered by insurance. You can check with your insurance provider to see how much coverage you have for mental health treatment. Waterford Counseling services accept most types of insurance.

What If My Teen Refuses Therapy?

Your child may have preconceived ideas about therapy. He or she may think that the therapist will blame and lecture rather than listen. But soon, your teen will realize that our therapists do not take sides. We are here to help and encourage.

It is natural for parents to their kids to do what is best for their well-being — emotionally, physically, and academically, even if your child complains or resists. Bringing your child to therapy because it is helpful to your child is just another one of those things you do because it is in your child’s best interest.

What If We Discover That My Teen has Depression or a Learning Disability? Can Waterford Still Help Them?

If your teen’s school issues stem from depression, Waterford Counseling Services is the exact right place to be. Our team of therapists know the how to effectively diagnose and address these serious issues. Once your teen has been assessed, we will proceed with the correct course of therapy for your teen. There is no problem too big or too impossible. There is always hope and help.

Help Your Teen Do Well in School

If you have watched your child struggle in school, you know the pain that low grades and fights over homework can cause. There is no need to continue battling alone. The professionals at Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services’ can help you and your child find the problem and fix it. Your teen needs your help to succeed. Our goal is to help you make that happen.

Call Waterford Counseling Services at 630-898-5322 for a brief phone consultation. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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