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Teen Counseling for Friends/Social Issues

Are You Struggling to Help Your Teen Thrive Socially?

Are you worried about your teen making friends and struggling with social issues? Have you noticed your teen:

  • Staying indoors and keeping to him or herself?
  • Avoiding family time?
  • Staying home alone instead of going out with friends?
  • Constantly using a computer, phone, or video game instead of talking to people in person?

Many teenagers struggle to feel confident among their peers. But, you may worry that your teen is having an especially difficult time making friends and forming strong relationships. Perhaps you feel that your teen seems lonely, reserved, and unhappy. Your teen may be shutting him or herself away in his or her bedroom to listen to music, play video games, or surf the Internet rather than communicating with you about his or her emotions. Maybe you are wondering if teen counseling could help.

Even as an adult, you may still remember how complicated a teen’s social life can be. But, you may be unfamiliar with social media and worry about its effects on your teen’s ability to interact face-to-face. Perhaps you feel cut off. You may sense that your teen is struggling socially, emotionally, and mentally, but feel unsure about how to approach him or her with your concerns.

Perhaps you wish your teen would open up about his or her inner life, make good friends, and interact positively with your family. If so, the therapists at Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services have the training, experience, and resources to help your teen come out of his or her shell with teen counseling.

 Today’s Teens Face New Social Challenges

Many teenagers have low self-esteem. As hormones, a bigger and broader social environment, and more complex peer relationships affect their thoughts, feelings and emotions, many teens really struggle. It’s not uncommon for teens to feel as though everyone is always watching them, judging their behavior, and critiquing their appearance. Teens may develop and struggle with social anxiety, which can be especially difficult to manage when surrounded by peers in school. Some teens may dread lunchtime or talking in class and live in fear of embarrassment or teasing from their peers.

While you, as a parent, may remember some of these social issues from your own adolescence, today’s teens must also navigate the added pressures of social media. Many of today’s teenagers use technology for schoolwork, entertainment, and communication. Cell phones make it possible to be constantly in contact with people without ever having to make eye contact or speak out loud. Some teens also play online video games that connect them with people from around the world – but rarely in person. With Facebook and other social media sites, your teen might see peers post pictures of fun events and feel excluded.

This added set of social challenges may be overwhelming your teen, who could also be dealing with the adolescent desires and pressures to fit in and be liked. He or she might not know how to be him or herself in person or amongst friends or family. He or she might feel uncomfortable making eye contact or expressing him or herself without the shield of a screen.

Faced with all the complications of a modern teen’s social landscape, you may feel helpless. But, with the help of a trained specialist, you can help your teen improve self-esteem and participate in a fulfilling social life with expert teen counseling.

Your Teen Can Understand and Address Social Anxiety

At Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services, our therapists specialize in helping teens uncover, understand, and address their emotions. Your teen can develop tools to better navigate both his or her inner life as well as the often-confusing world of school, friends, and social media.

Your teen’s therapist can help him or her open up and share worries and struggles. Often, we see teens who are distressed about what peers are or might be saying about them, both in whispers and in text messages. With a therapist’s help, your teen can develop ways to turn negative thoughts into positive affirmations by challenging imagined criticisms and focusing on reality. We can help your teen uncover his or her weaknesses, as well as strengths, and begin to better understand and feel comfortable with the diverse aspects of his or her personality.

The specialists at Waterford can also help your teen identify moments of anxiety. Your teen’s therapist can help him or her understand physical signals of anxiety, like sweating palms or an elevated heartbeat. Through discussing what causes these symptoms, as well as how anxiety manifests mentally and emotionally, your teen can develop ways to move past panicky moments and embrace social challenges.

We value your role in your teen’s development. Your teen’s therapist will work with you to monitor and discuss the changes you might see in your child. Your input can help us construct the most effective therapy methods for your teen. And, your Waterford therapist can also provide you will tools, tips and strategies so you can become better equipped to encourage your child to interact and communicate at home.

Although you may feel that therapy can help your teen through social issues, you may still have questions or concerns…

 What If My Teen Doesn’t Want Therapy?

 Many teens feel apprehensive about therapy. It takes time to build a trusting relationship with a teenager. But, if you allow your teen’s therapist the time necessary to make a connection, your teen is likely to open up. To begin sharing their deepest fears, teens often need a removed, nonjudgmental, and trained third party. Our therapists have experience listening to teens and can help them identify, explore, and address their concerns and struggles.

 My Teen Wants to Go to Therapy, But I’m Overwhelmed

 If you feel bowled-over by your teen’s issues and don’t know where to begin, our qualified therapists can help you take the first step. Teen counseling can benefit your teen immensely by helping him or her improve high self-esteem and develop a positive self-image. If you feel overwhelmed, let your teen’s therapist take the reins. Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services also offers an array of adult therapy, and we can find the right therapist to help you through the challenges of parenting a teen.

 I’m Worried About the Price of Therapy

 We understand that everyone has a different financial situation and can work with you to make therapy affordable. We accept many forms of insurance and can help you find out how you’re covered.

Also, we invite you to consider that therapy is an investment in your child’s well-being, and can not only help him or her immediately, but also create a foundation for future success. Helping your child develop happy, healthy relationships is worth the cost.

 Teen Counseling Can Help Your Teen Defeat Loneliness

If you are worried that your teen is missing out on friendships and struggling in all relationships, Waterford Counseling Services can help. You and your teen don’t need to feel overwhelmed by teen social issues anymore. We can help your teen escape the emotional distress of low self-esteem and approach life positively again.

We invite you to call Waterford Counseling Services at 630-898-5322 for a free, brief phone consultation.

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