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The Waterford Well
The Waterford Well
The Waterford Well

It is no secret to those of us in the mental health field that there is overwhelming evidence to support yoga and exercise as powerful interventions for alleviating symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression. There is robust research findings which show that the physical movement associated with exercise and yoga is one of the most effective behavioral health techniques for self-regulation of mood. Yoga and exercise improve mood while at the same time significantly reducing symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

Even though the findings are clear that movement/exercise is a powerful “drug” to improve our health, most health professionals focus only on traditional “sitting” treatment therapy sessions and/or prescribing pharmaceuticals for anxiety and depression.

We use a combination of Traditional and Natural Treatment Methods

At Waterford, we are committed to treating the whole person by utilizing both traditional and more natural treatment options that are evidence-based to treat stress, anxiety and depression. We are dedicated to using a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, supportive psychotherapy, and movement-based therapies, such as yoga and exercise, to help our patients achieve maximum positive treatment benefits.

We put our Money where our Mouth is!

We go beyond just giving lip service to the importance of yoga and exercise. We put our money where our mouth is! At Waterford we have created a 1500 ft Studio space solely dedicated for the use of movement-based therapies such as exercise and yoga for our patients. We have employed two wonderful Licensed Clinical Social Workers who have special training in both exercise and yoga to help our patients supplement their traditional psychotherapy with yoga and exercise treatment interventions.

Therapy options for Yoga

1. Individual Treatment

Kelly is happy to accommodate and work with any client individually by using a combination of traditional psychotherapy and yoga to help clients meet their treatment goals.

2. Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Group. (Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm)

In this group Kelly works to help each person feel comfortable in their bodies, empowering them with education and self-regulation skills to help improve both mental and physical health.

Therapy options for Exercise/Movement

1. Individual Treatment

Lori likes to work with people individually at first for approximately 6 to 8 sessions so that, much like a personal trainer, she can help her clients develop basic exercise skills that can help supplement their psychotherapy experience. During this time, Lori will assess her client’s needs and help them develop a good exercise/physical movement plan that is right for them.

2. Group Exercise/Movement Class.

Once patients have developed a good individual exercise treatment plan, Lori will encourage them to participate in a weekly group exercise treatment class that has a mental health focus. Patients will participate with other like-minded individuals who are committed to developing positive exercise habits and maintaining treatment gains.

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