Exercise Therapy for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

The Waterford Well

Research has shown that physical activity is one of the most successful ways to improve mental and overall health. This program is designed with the goal of taping into body movement and strength building to stimulate mental health improvement. By developing physical wellness and mental stability, you will grow stronger as an individual, stimulate mental clarity and improve mood. The benefits of working with an individual trainer/therapist and/or with a group have been shown to increase the likelihood of commitment and follow-through.

We have a three-step approach for including exercise into your mental health treatment.

1. One-on-one training with Lori.
Lori will work with each patient for 6 to 8 individual sessions, much like a personal trainer, in order to developed fundamental exercise skills. The focus will be on safety, developing proper technique, and encouraging positive habit formation. These sessions will include physical training and individual psychotherapy with the goal of improving both physical and mental health. These sessions are designed to be time limited so as not to replace individual psychotherapy treatment, but to supplement and enhance overall treatment gains.

2. Group Exercise 101
This group will consist of physical fitness training, psycho-education, and group process focusing on improving physical and mental health. Each session will include physical activity and mindfulness exercises. A prerequisite for participating in this group is to meet with Lori for several individual training sessions in order to develop foundational physical exercise skills that will allow for safe, optimal participation in this group.
Time: Thursdays at 6:30pm

3. Vitality Exercise Group
This group is designed for patients who have already worked with Lori one-on-one and have mastered the basics in Group Exercise 101. This group will focus on becoming stronger and healthier, and also maintaining the progress already achieved. The focus moves from getting well to staying well.
Time: TBD

Cost: These Treatment Services are Covered by most Insurance plans.

For more information about your cost or any additional questions, please call 630-898-5322.

Exercise Specialist: Dr. Lori Egizio, DSW, LCSW and ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

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