Yoga Group for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Yoga Group for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Yoga is an evidence-based treatment intervention that is proven to help reduce cortisol levels, boost serotonin and brain GABA levels which improves mood and reduces anxiety. This class is taught by a Kelly Thielk, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker trained and educated in helping clients work through complex trauma and improve mental health. Kelly is also a Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher, over 400-hour certified yoga instructor, and a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. Kelly utilizes a Trauma Sensitive treatment approach to help each person feel comfortable in their bodies, empowering them with education and self-regulation skills. Each client is invited to explore a restorative slow flow yoga in a gentle and safe environment. Breath work, Trauma sensitive cues, pose modifications, meditation and education will be used to build self-empowerment and aid the healing process. Each class seeks to include mindfulness, meditation and self-regulation techniques to process present moment experiences in the class. Kelly supports and encourages each person to move at their own pace and comfort level.

Time: Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm

Cost: Covered by most Insurance plans. Your copay will be from $0 to $15 per session

For more information please call 630-898-5322

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