Women’s Issues

Are You Tired of Constantly Juggling Too Many Roles?

  • Do you feel pulled in many different directions?
  • Does balancing your career, home life, and relationships leave you physically and emotionally exhausted?
  • Do you often dwell on the past and worry about the future?
  • Are you struggling to adjust to a transition, such as a new job, the end of a relationship, or the birth of a child?
  • Do you feel like you have no time for yourself or to explore what you truly want in life?

Life is full of twists and transitions. While many people struggle to figure out their paths in life, women face the added challenge of balancing different expectations and roles.

For example, perhaps you are excited by a career opportunity, but worry about spending more time in the office and less time with your family. Maybe you wonder if you are doing enough to help your children live happy, healthy lives. If your children have grown up and left home, you may suddenly feel lost, unsure of your role. Or, you might be asking yourself if you want children at all, although your friends, family and partner may be encouraging you to have a baby.

You may also feel conflicted about your romantic relationship. You might be unhappy in your marriage, but unsure of what to do. You might not know how to tell if your relationship is healthy or damaging. Perhaps you wonder if you and your partner will ever get married, or if marriage is something you even desire. Or, you may be questioning your sexuality and sexual identity.

Sometimes, you may find yourself facing many of these questions at once. You may feel frustrated, uncertain, and alone. Maybe you worry that you will make the wrong choices, or feel as though you have no choices at all. You might wish you could fly to a desert island just to be alone with your thoughts for a while. More than anything, you may wish to feel confident about your decisions and live life in the fullest, most present, and most peaceful way possible.

Many Women Feel Stuck and Uncertain

While everyone goes through ups and downs in life, women’s issues are unique. Society has changed a great deal, and women have more choices and opportunities than ever before. However, many women feel as though they have little time to figure out what they truly want in life. Sometimes, women are not entirely aware of how many roles they are asked to play, from mother, to career woman, to partner, etc. Many women are unaware of the daily sacrifices they make to juggle these roles.

Every day, people are trying to find meaning in their lives. But, if you don’t feel like you have choices, it can be difficult to know if you are living your life to the fullest. When facing a transition, such as a potential divorce, many women suddenly find themselves feeling sad, hurried, and unsure of how to handle a significant role change. Without taking time to process what’s happening in your life, your thoughts, and your emotions, you may not be able to discern what you actually want or know which choices will help you get there. Thankfully, women’s issues therapy can help you take the time you need to set yourself on the most fulfilling path

You Can Develop Self-Confidence to Manage Women’s Issues

At Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services, we understand the particular challenges that women face. Our therapists who specialize in women’s issues can help you develop the tools necessary to stop feeling stuck and start making healthy changes and choices in your life.

In sessions, your qualified therapist will help you reflect on the behavior patterns that may be preventing you from seeing the choices available to you. For example, you may have fallen into patterns at work that prevent you from seeing a better, more exciting career option. By reframing your situation, our therapists can help you see how some patterns have outlived their usefulness and help you find the best ways to move forward.

Our therapists are patient, understanding, and non-judgmental. At Waterford, we will not force you to do anything. Instead, through working with you, your therapist can help empower you to change. If you are unhappy and unsatisfied, we can help you develop the insight to pinpoint what is weighing you down.

In therapy, you will have the space and time to reflect and explore all of the choices in front of you – even if you believe that none exist now. Your therapist can help you build self-confidence, trust yourself and others, and believe in the decisions you make. Once you feel ready to take initiative in your own life, you can let go of anxiety, stress, and confusion and move toward mental, emotional, and spiritual peace.

Although you may feel that therapy can help you work through women’s issues, you may still have questions or concerns…

What Will People Think of Me if I Go to Therapy?

Many people worry that therapy carries a stigma, and that others will questions their mental well-being. However, attending therapy is just like going to the doctor with a broken bone or an ulcer. You are simply taking care of something that is causing you pain and working to find healing. Therapy can be a pro-active step toward a more fulfilling life.

I’m Worried That Everyone Will Learn About My Problems.

There is no need to worry that your therapist will share anything you say in a session with anyone else. At Waterford, therapy sessions are a safe space to share openly and honestly. We strictly follow the laws of confidentiality, as well as our own ethics.

Going to Therapy for Women’s Issues Will Mean I Can’t Handle My Own Problems

Sometimes, people fear that going to therapy makes them weak. However, it takes more courage and strength to face issues head-on than to continue living a dissatisfying life. Seeking therapy shows that you’ve come to an understanding, that you are ready to be honest with yourself, and that you want to make a positive change for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

You Can Live in the Present

If you are going through a transition and are unsure how to move forward, you are not alone. If you are tired of feeling pulled this way and that and want to develop tools to help you determine your life’s direction, Waterford Counseling and Psychological Services can help. No matter how hard it is to see, there is always a choice. And, with help, you can discover the choices that best serve you.

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